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Public Announcements / DX1ARM Net Web Checkin and Sch...
Last post by DU2XXR - Jul 17, 2022, 04:04 PM
For web check-in, go to



DX1ARM TG51518 digital net Thursday, Saturday 0930H to 1000H PH time (0130H-0200H UTC), Wednesday 0830H to 0900H PH time (0030H-0100H UTC)

  • 431.600 MHz Fusion repeater in NCR+
  • Wires-X 89701 "DX1ARM/VK1"
  • BM DMR TG51518
  • YSF DX1ARM 78427
  • Echolink DX1ARM-L
  • Allstarlink Node 50763

Services currently offline
  • FCS reflector 001-83
  • Peanut YSF-ARMI

VHF / 2 meter analog:

DX1ARM Net Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 2000H-2100H PH Time (1200H-1300H UTC)

  • 144.880 MHz analog simplex/repeater in NCR+
  • BM TG 515044
  • YSF 72170
  • Echolink DX1ARM-R
  • Allstarlink Node 537090

Web check-in results during these times will be logged by the net control.

For more information, visit or email
Amateur Radio in the Philippines / Welcome to the DX1ARM forum
Last post by DU2XXR - Jul 17, 2022, 06:51 AM
This is a place for discussions about amateur radio and the radio community at large. This bulletin board has a private area for club members, but fellow radio enthusiasts can share thoughts, knowledge, and information on these general, public boards, as well.

Please get in touch with if you need any help about membership.