Connecting DU1, DU2, and DU3 via digipeaters

Started by DU2XXR, Jul 21, 2022, 12:55 PM

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4E1FLD is pitching the possibility of setting up a digipeater at the DX2AFP repeater site, which has good coverage across the DU2 extending to DU3 and even DU1 area. This will ideally get us coverage by hops from DU1 to DU3 then to DU2.

Just need to firm up the plans, equipment, and setup. Any thoughts? Would love for us to discuss it here on the forums, so the discussion does not get lost in FB threads.


Hi Guys, . . . a regional repeater site would mean a regional frequency. Here in socal we do have digipeaters that are setup on repeater sites, but we also have coordinated frequency for packet and aprs. Also, we might need a radio that has a good receiver or else we will get lots of interference. Maybe better on UHF and get it cross-digipeat from another aprs station below. We have 2 AEA-PK96 and a KPC-3 plus we can use for any project that might come up. Is it possible to digipeat a winlink connection via an APRS digipeater? 73 de lot / k6irf/dw3irf                                                         


Hi Lot. I understand. If there were a nationwide standard frequency like your 144.390, then perhaps it would be acceptable.

I guess the concern also is leaving a digipeater unattended at the repeater site. Crossbanding it to UHF somewhere at a station where there is a control operator can make any issues easier to address (e.g., programming, adjustments, etc.)

Regarding winlink connections via APRS digipeater, I think it will involve using a softmodem like direwolf and using a digipeater software that can handle both APRS and winlink. Isn't that what linPBQ does? Or I think it also handles the softmodem, too.

I have no experience with that, since I mostly use direwolf for APRS digipeating, as well as as the KISS terminal for other packet uses.