DX1ARM Net Calendar, Schedules & Web Checkin

Started by DU2XXR, Jul 17, 2022, 04:04 PM

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For web check-in, go to https://bit.ly/dx1arm.net



DX1ARM TG51518 digital net Thursday, Saturday 0930H to 1000H PH time (0130H-0200H UTC), Wednesday 0830H to 0900H PH time (0030H-0100H UTC)

  • 431.600 MHz Fusion repeater in NCR+
  • Wires-X 89701 "DX1ARM/VK1"
  • BM DMR TG51518
  • YSF DX1ARM 78427
  • Echolink DX1ARM-L
  • Allstarlink Node 50763

Services currently offline
  • FCS reflector 001-83
  • Peanut YSF-ARMI

VHF / 2 meter analog:

DX1ARM Net Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 2000H-2100H PH Time (1200H-1300H UTC)

  • 144.880 MHz analog simplex/repeater in NCR+
  • BM TG 515044
  • YSF 72170
  • Echolink DX1ARM-R
  • Allstarlink Node 537090

Web check-in results during these times will be logged by the net control.

For more information, visit https://dx1arm.com or email digital@dx1arm.net.