Emergency radio communication protocols for radio volunteers

Started by DU2XXR, Jul 29, 2022, 02:26 AM

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Operating  procedures for radio volunteers in times of emergencies, disasters, and  calamities, as outlined and defined by the National Telecommunications  Commission

I  have been looking for SOPs for traffic handling and management during  emergencies, and this document seems to be the best reference. You can  find this from the NTC Website: Memorandum Order 05–09–2012.

I am also including MO 04–09–2012: Establishment of an emergency radio and communications protocol for MMDRRMC.

This also references OPLAN Metro Yakal or the Metro Manila Earthquake Contingency Plan.

This may be timely, especially given the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that hit Abra in Northern Luzon on July 27, 2022.



See the text here.

NTC Memorandum Order 05–09–2012

NTC Memorandum Order 04–09–2012